Ford Fiesta

  • Engine

    • Rover 1.8 VVC 160 K-Series
  • Brakes

    • Front: 280mm discs with Wilwood 4-pot Midilite calipers
    • Rear: Fiesta solid front discs with Sierra Cosworth 4x4 calipers
    • Wilwood adjustable bias valve
  • Suspension

    • Gaz coilover kit
    • Fully polybushed
    • Adjustable panhard rod
  • Transmission

    • Lotus Elise PG1 gearbox with Torsen LSD from Rover 820 turbo
    • Custom drive shafts linking Rover inner CVs to Ford outer CVs
    • Modified Fiesta gear linkage
  • Body

    • Light-weight doors with perspex windows
  • Other

    • Fuel system: Facet lift pump feeding a 1.5lt swirl pot which feeds a Sierra XR4I high pressure pump.
    • Lightened Mk1 Fiesta XR2 dash
    • Battery re-located to boot
Fiesta at Santa Pod