Ginetta G26

  • Engine

    • Rover 2.0 Turbo T-Series with coil-pack ignition
    • Mounted 275mm further back
    • Modified Inlet plenum
    • Remote oil filter set up
    • Remote thermostat with large bypass circuit
  • Brakes

    • Dual master cylinder pedal box with adjustable bias
    • Front: 324mm vented disks with Wilwood Superlite 4-pot calipers and EBC Green Stuff pads
    • Rear: standard Ford Cortina Drums
    • Remote servo for front brakes
  • Transmission

    • PL Performance adapter allows use of Rover bellhousing, clutch and starter with Ford Type-9 gearbox
    • Gearbox moved back 250mm
    • 250mm shortened prop
  • Suspension

    • Spax adjustable dampers
    • Lowering springs
  • Body

    • New transmission tunnel and bulk head recess made to allow for engine move and space for turbo system
    • Customised front air dam
  • Other

    • Reverse dog legged gear lever
    • Hand brake lever moved back and shorter cable fitted
    • Fuel system: 750mm swirl pot fed by a low pressure, high volume Facet pump followed by a high pressure injection pump
    • All brake and fuel lines now run through the car
    • Wiper mechanism changed from lever system to worm drive to save on space
Ginetta G26 on arrival
Tuned 2.1 Pinto with Weber DCOEs
G26 with Rover engine fitted
G26 with Rover engine fitted
G26 original 2-pot calipers
G26 new cooling setup
G26 modified air dam with intercooler
G26 324mm rotor with Wilwood 4-pot caliper
G26 big brake setup under 15" rim