Hillman Imp

  • Engine

    • Rover 1.8 VVC K-Series
    • Eaton rootes type supercharger
    • Waste gate boost control and bypass system
  • Brakes

    • Dual master cylinder pedal box with dash adjustable bias
    • Front: 272mm discs with Wilwood 4-pot Powerlite calipers
    • Rear: Early Metro GTI 240mm discs and calipers
  • Suspension

    • Gaz adjustable coilovers all round
    • Front: Imp wishbones reshaped to alter the camber, raised and modified top coilover mounts allowing the same assemblies to be used all round
    • Rear: Metro GTI Front with the addition of coilover mounting "H" brackets over the top arms with the addition of a modified MGF anti roll bar with adjustable rose jointed drop links
  • Transmission

    • MGF non-VVC (high ratio) PG1 gearbox
    • MGF cable gear linkage
  • Body

    • Semi space framed set-up
    • Full fibreglass front with separate removable bonnet and modified group 2 wheel arches
    • Carbon-kevlar chin spoiler
    • Fibreglass skinned doors
    • Fibreglass boot lid with large vent for intercooler ducting
    • Rear group 2 wheel arches widened by over 50mm and reshaped lower corners
    • Rear cross member removed to make way for a diffuser
    • De-seamed roof and A pillars
  • Other

    • Fuel system: 2.5 gallon ali tank feeding a Facet low pressure high volume pump which feeds a 500ml swirl pot feeding a high pressure pump with adjustable pressure regulator in the return line
    • Custom dash
    • Battery re-located to front boot
Imp painted front
Imp painted rear
Imp Castle Combe
Imp with carbon chin spoiler fitted
Imp with carbon kevlar chin spoiler fitted