Toyota MR2

  • Engine

    • Rover 2.0 Turbo T-Series with distributor ignition
  • Brakes

    • Front: 280mm discs with AP Racing 2-pot calipers
    • Rear: Standard MR2
  • Transmission

    • Rover 220 Turbo PG1 gearbox
    • Modified MGF cable gear linkage
    • Custom drive shafts linking Rover inner CVs to Toyota outer CVs
    • Hydraulic clutch conversion
  • Suspension

    • Lowering springs
    • Fully polybushed
  • Body

    • Fibreglass front wings
    • PL Performance fibreglass rear wings
    • PL Performance Rear half cage
    • PL Performance carbon fibre roof panels
    • Roof scoop to feed intercooler
  • Other

    • Fuel system: High pressure Rover 220 Turbo in-tank fuel pump fitted
    • Battery re-located to front boot for better weight distribution
MR2 in workshop
MR2 fibreglass rear wing
Rover engine initial fitting
Rover engine rear
Rover engine front
Rover engine initial fitting